Gears and Grinding Industry

Gears are the heart of the manufacturing industry, and the lifeblood of the shopfloor.

Our Exhibitions

International Power Transmission Expo (IPTEX) & International Expo on Grinding and Finishing Processes (GRINDEX)

Grinding is at the heart of manufacturing – one of the most important operations to achieve the final dimension, shape and surface finish of a gear. And power transmission is a critical process, involving the bulk movement of electrical energy from a generating site to an electrical substation where voltage is transformed and distributed to consumers or other substations. Both industries needed a specific forum to address their needs, and offer a way for businesses interact with their stakeholders. IPTEX & GRINDEX do just that.

The yearly expos are the only dedicated business platforms for the Gears, Grinding, and Power Transmission Equipment industry to network with peers and potential buyers, and market their products, services and capabilities to a diverse and significant audience.

In 2023, we at Virgo Communications & Exhibitions (P) Ltd extended our commitment to this industry by launching Gear Technology India, the first digital media platform for the gear industry, also in partnership with AGMA.

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